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CT Scan

A CT scans uses x-rays to produce detailed pictures of structures inside the body. The CT scanner uses digital geometry processing to generate a 3-dimensional (3D) image of the inside of an object.

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This technology uses a continuous x-ray beam, making it possible for the physician to see internal organs in motion. It is a technique that helps physicians with a wide variety of diagnostic procedures.

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An MRI provides information that in most cases cannot be obtained using X - rays, Ultrasound or CT Scan. An MRI is designed to detect changes in the normal structure, characteristics of organs and other tissues.

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We offer MRI, CT, Digital X-Ray, Fluorocopy and Ultrasound.

The Elite Advantage - Why Choose Elite?

  • Competitive Prices
  • Best and latest state of the art    equipment in Jamaica
  • Discounts for Senior Citizens
  • Our commitment to the highest    standard of service and patient care
  • Health Insurance accepted
  • Timely & Accurate Reports
  • Centrally located with    convenient office hours
  • Comfortable, spacious and    soothing environment.

Better Equipment, Better Service, Better Care

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